Canvas Basics

Canvas Basics
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Welcome to Canvas!

Basics to Get you Started


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(Text version - Hello and welcome!  This course space is designed to help you smoothly set sail with Canvas.  You will find Canvas easy to use and very intuitive.  Its rich robust interface takes advantage of the many internet tools that you probably already use on a daily basis.  To begin learning about Canvas, click on Start Here below. If you need help, click on the Help button in the top right corner.)

 wheel_compass.jpg  Start Here by learning how to navigate Canvas.

Then keep moving through the modules to find out about the:

  • intelligent calendar;
  • class notifications - alerts & messages come to you where you want them - you choose;
  • easy to use communication tools (messaging, chat, web conferencing, group collaboration); and
  • a "What If" Grade Calculator.
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